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Sunday Snippet

Welcome to this week's Sunday Snippet - 14 Jan 2024

A big leap into the unknown for many this year, with more digital communications across the board. However, whatever the format, some things never change and the Sunday snippet due to popular demand will remain.

Kick back and relax, coffee in hand (iced of course).

Dux & Drakes News

The bar opened again this week with Card Only proving to be a success. This initiative was introduced to make it more efficient for the bar volunteers, quicker for clientele and a timesaver for our treasurer with no more counting of coins or taking monies to the bank. A small price to pay to help all those people who help us live such wonderful life here at GemLife.

The bar are asking bar patrons - please do not put coasters back in the basket if they are damp/wet, as they go moldy, then have to be destroyed.

New volunteers are also welcome - drop this completed form back into the HOC letterbox.

Bar Volunteering Application 15_10_2023 (1)
Download PDF • 284KB


A message from our Green Gems

From 10th January2024 the Green Gems will ONLY be collecting and recycling BLISTER PACKS.

Please put everything else in your own recycle bin.

The Green Gems thank you for your support and hope you will continue to put your blister packs up in the yellow bins in the Craft Room.


Entertainment - this week

Movie Night 7pm Mondays - All welcome, no need to book


No not a San Francisco 49er, but rather were you born in 1949. Well, we understand you are going to celebrate a milestone birthday this year. One of your cohorts, Di Baxter would like to hear from you if you are interested in having a group mid year celebration. Please contact Di directly on 0417 763 301.


Fancy trying something new in 2024

Line Dancing for 2024 starts next week. As it is best for all newcomers to start together, Lynne would like invite anyone interested in joining this activity to come along on Tuesday 16th January @ 10am. The invitation is open to all, women and men, no previous experience required.

If on the other hand, you are way past beginners, start time is 8.45am. 

Wear comfy clothes and shoes and bring water.


What's on - Activities

A couple of people have approached the Secretary, asking for the old style weekly calendar to be reintroduced. Advising that residents want to print out the Activities calendar to put on their fridge.

Currently, there isn't an option with the website calendar to view activities weekly (however this may change). Unfortunately, at this time, there isn't capacity to revert back to the old style weekly calendar, unless of course, someone would like to put up their hand to volunteer. Please email the if you are interested.

In the interim, I have produced a Fixed Calendar, this basically shows all our Activities at a glance, you will need to consider that things may change with public holidays or where entertainment is scheduled, as some activities will not run. Additionally the bar times may change to accommodate events, however there is always plenty of publicity on both the Website and Facebook when these events are taking place.

Activity Calendar - Generic
Download PDF • 36KB

Video killed the radio star (well apparently NOT !)

Resident, Andy Mathers has advised that he is involved in directing a radio play for “6 Mangrove Productions” which is centred around the First World War. It is to be performed on the 26th and 27th of April. Due to its nature it has a large cast and we are looking for at least 10 people plus a sound operator.

As it’s a radio play, the cast will read the lines during the performance but they will need to be rehearsed weekly to instill the right emotion and timing.

This play is one segment of the overall production by 6MP which will include other sketches and music.

Interested people please contact Andy & Lyn Mathers (V245) on 0402 477 928 or


There are a number of Facebook groups within our community.

Some Activity groups have their own pages, you will be provided details on how to join these pages if and when you become involved in the activity.

Others, like Rob & Val's events and the Social Club have pages that inform you of up and coming events, both these pages replicate their posts on Dux Living room.

We therefore recommend that at a bare minimum you join

(The page is by invitation only. You will need to ask an existing member to refer you)

For those of you who enjoy a laugh and a joke, you may wish to consider joining

None of the above Facebook pages are run by the Bribie Island GemLife Community inc, instead, they are independently owned and managed by residents. The Home Owners Committee whilst they may read some of the posts, will not engage or comment on any opinions or concerns voiced via this medium.

The HOC is looking at creating a Facebook page - watch this space.

And finally

For many people, learning new things are things that we associate with our younger self or with activities that are done in a classroom. However, learning is something that we do every single day and it is beneficial for people of all ages.

According to a study, learning new things can make older adults’ brains 30 years younger in just 6 weeks! Researchers have found that learning three new tasks simultaneously boosts mental power and protects against Alzheimer’s disease.

Therefore, older adults need to keep both the body and mind active and healthy. Whether it is learning a new recipe for your favorite dish, watching an interesting video online, or taking a formal course for a skill you have always wanted to have, it is good to take part in activities that allow you to seek new knowledge. You can encourage others to do so as well. Here are the different benefits.

It Ensures that You Are Healthier and More Active

Older adults must keep their brains active. This not only helps in learning new things but also improves memory and boosts communication skills. An active brain is very helpful when it comes to preventing cognitive decline or conditions related to dementia. Think of your mind as if it is a muscle – if you stimulate it often, you will be able to boost its abilities.

It Boosts Your Emotions

Learning new things can help to create emotional well-being. For example, when you choose to learn a new skill or a different form of exercise, you can build confidence and be proud of yourself. On top of this, when you are actively taking part in something and looking forward to your next practice or session, it can also give your life purpose and meaning. All these will help to lift up your emotions.

It Provides Social Engagement

For many older adults, social isolation or loneliness can be a very worrying issue. Often left unnoticed, it can happen to both adults who are living alone and those who are living with working children. Taking part in a class or activity where you can find other like-minded people can help you ease these negative feelings as well as create more opportunities to form meaningful and long-lasting friendships and relationships. On top of this, the new skills you have just learned would be a great ice-breaker!

If anyone would like training on Bribie Island GemLife website, be it how to log on quickly or where to obtain the information you are looking for, please get in touch with

We are also looking for new admin to join the web team - if you are interested, again email us for further details.

Make 2024 the year where you LEARN something new.

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thank you so much Deb.."Love your work"


Well done with the weekly schedule Deb. Clear and precise.


Thanks Deb for all the work you have put into designing the web site and offering ongoing training and assistance. The secretary's volunteer job is a hard thankless task which consumes many of your days.


Doesn’t work for me

Greg v 295


Unknown member
Jan 13

Thank you for this. It seems to work well. 😊

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