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I've got a ticket to ............

I understand there is some confusion regarding tickets to events.

How tickets are sold depends on the method chosen by the event organisers.

Rob and Val & Dining with Dan - letterbox drops, 


Social Group 

  • Gatsby night  - website

  • Claptomaniacs - clubhouse

  • Fashion show - pay at the door. 

**Tickets for future events will depend on who in the social group is running the event.  

If you view the upcoming events on the website the event status is accurately reflected, along with the title, the method for obtaining tickets, and if an event is sold out, 

Dates tickets go on sale

  • Where tickets are being sold on the website - the date of sale will be viewable by clicking on details, then scroll down to the tickets section.

  • 'Offline'  sales - the Web team are not notified as to when tickets are going on sale, instead the event organisers arrange their own marketing.

Important - Events on the Spaces by Wix app are showing as Sold out in light grey.  This should be ignored, there is a technical glitch which I am working with WIX to resolve.

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Tried again and found it 😎 Ta


Seems to be tix are sold out before it hits our letterbox? If it’s sold out so quick is it worthwhile a possible second show.

We are so disappointed we have bought into a social type of lifestyle village but not able to socialise.

Not happy Jan!

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